Regular Domestic Cleaning

House Cleaning Tasks We Usually Complete

Our regular procedures covers most of the following tasks:
    Domestic Cleaning Croydon
  • Starting with floor mopping. We will also vacuum the carpets and rugs. In the same way we will treat the hard floors.
  • Because the bathroom accumulates a lot bacteria we will be very careful there. Most importantly we will use only organic products. Thus germs will disappear without putting your health to a risk.
  • Meanwhile we will take care of your laundry and ironing.
  • From making the bed to washing the dishes – we complete everything on time.
  • The kitchen appliances deserve the same attention, too. Get a healthier place to cook and eat. We also remove the old food from your refrigerator.Of course we will ask for your permission in advance. Finally we empty all bins full of rubbish.
  • Next in line is dusting of the furniture and every surface. In addition to that we will apply polishing agent to the wooden parts.
Above all we must mention that these are only the basic jobs that we complete. When you insist we can always modify your scheduled procedure.

Regular Cleaning Saves You More Than Time

The frequent cleaning of your Croydon home is convenient for many reasons. Check the examples below:
    Domestic Cleaning Croydon
  • Instead of buying expensive products you could save your money. We have all we need for every household chore. We also have an extensive arsenal of professional tools and equipment.
  • Another positive side is that our staff pass background checks and has an insurance. So you know that your belongings are safe.
  • Besides the consistent quality you will also get a lower price. In case you add two or more service to your plan you will reduce the rate even more.
  • Our flexible working hours allow us not interrupt your daily routine. If you prefer we can even come during the weekends or Bank Holidays. Choose from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits.
  • Another key advantage is the systematic results you will receive. What is more, our cleaners will be familiar with your personal demands.