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All You Need Cleaning OfficeTo improve the life of Croydon residents and tenants we founded All You Need Cleaning in 2009. The name stands for fast and convenient service. Of course to achieve that, we must count on reliable partners. That is why we invest a lot of resources into hiring the right people. That is right, our staff members are the one we should thank. Above all they know that they do something good for the society. Satisfying its need for a cleaning service is the way our workers help. They also understand how precious is the time for our customers. Treating everybody with respect and friendly attitude is something they believe. To achieve the best results, they use the latest tools, products and equipment. Furthermore, our company follows high ecological standards, using only earth-friendly solutions. So next you wonder how to cope with the household chores – look no further.

A Few Details About Croydon

Croydon is just 9.5 miles south from the heart of London. There are 381 000 people living in the ward. As the second most populated borough in London, Croydon has the highest percentage of young people. It occupies about 33.6 square miles. In 1965 it became part of Greater London. Some historians suggest that the name of the town derives from Anglo-Saxon words “croh” and “denu”. Together these words mean the valley of crocus. The origin of Croydon dates back to the Roman period. Later on it became a market town and in 1803 the first public railway in the world opened there. During the beginning of 20th century it was an industrial area. In the 50s the town’s economy started to rely more and more on services. This brought to a rise of property development. A lot of new offices and working spaces appeared. It also play key role for making Croydon a shopping destination.Croydon